Asbury Elementary

Soaring to Excellence

Hours and Bell Schedule

8:00-8:25 All unsupervised students on the playground between 8:00 and 8:15 MUST go to breakfast. Breakfast is free to all students.
8:25: First Bell, Teachers Arrive on the Playground. Students line up on the playground at their designated class spot to enter the building.
8:30: Learning Begins—Students arriving after 8:35 check into the office before going to class.
3:15: Instructional Day Ends—Students pack up to go home! Teachers will be engaged with students from bell to bell so scholars will arrive on the playground shortly after 3:15. Walking students must leave the playground as soon as they are dismissed.

(Cost for lunch=$2.00)
Kinder: 11:05 –11:50
1st: 11:05–11:50
2nd: 11:05-11:50
3rd: 11:50-12:35
4th: 11:50-12:35
5th: 11:50-12:35
Excellent attendance is very important. Our goal for every scholar is to attend school 95% of the year. This means your learner can miss only 6 days of school to make this attendance goal. Please help your child succeed by having them at school, on time, ready to learn every day. More than 9 days of unexcused absences will result in truancy.