Summer Resources

Summer Resources

All Grades

Literacy Suggestions

Finding Books at Your Child’s Level–In your child’s report card, teachers provided your child’s reading level at the end of March. You can reference this correlation chart to better understand the reading levels. Please consider, in the intermediate grades, reading levels become more complex. Based on a variety of factors, students can access a range of levels. At the end of the day, it’s most important that students are reading and talking about books that excite and engage them! Levels don’t define the child.

Sight Words: Students can practice reading and / or spelling sight words to improve reading fluency and writing. 

Fry words are high-frequency words that account for up to 90% of words used in reading materials that target children. The words are compiled based upon the frequency they are used. The first 25 words, on their own, account for around 30% of words in children’s materials while the top 100 words account for half.  There are 1,000 Fry words broken into groups of 100. Since many of the words cannot be sounded out phonetically, memorizing these words is helpful in giving children a basis for reading and increasing their confidence. Fry Word ListsTry using the words in context with phrases (can be read by your student OR dictated for spelling practice). This helps students recognize and use words in context instead of in isolation.  Fry Phrases

Below is a list of resources that your child can access throughout the summer to continue learning.

There are also a few subscription-based programs, some have free trials:

Consider checking into additional resources on Edutopia.

Math Suggestions

Your children have grown so much this year and have become amazing mathematicians. Summer is a critical time for learning and we want to make sure that all children are continuing to practice their skills over the summer. We have listed some fun options for math practice. We appreciate all that you do to help your children grow and learn each day. 


Ideas to increase math talk with kids:

Music Suggestions

Your students have grown so much in their music skills over the year. Here are some resources that they can use this summer if they are interested.

Keys and Kingdoms (login code: S6R6BT)

Other Music Resources: