Posted April 19, 2018

April 23, 2018



Dear Team DPS,


We wanted to provide an update about the class schedule for Friday, April 27. Due to significant anticipated teacher absences, DPS is cancelling all classes for Friday, April 27. (Innovation schools can opt out of cancelling classes and decide to operate on a normal schedule.) This is still a working day for DPS staff, and teachers and others participating in the rally must work with their supervisor to take appropriate leave, as described below.


As we have been communicating with you, DPS has been working in partnership to press our state government to restore education funding to our schools. The Colorado Education Association (CEA) is planning a statewide rally of educators on Friday, April 27, to advocate for greater state funding and expects that many of our teachers will participate.


We had originally planned an early release on Friday, but due to the number of teachers planning to take the entire day off on Friday, we do not believe we will be able to keep our schools open on Friday. This is the case with most of our surrounding districts as well.


The decision to cancel classes is not one made lightly, but given the current situation, we feel we will not be able to provide a productive learning day and fulfill our promise of a safe school environment for our students.


As this is still a working day for DPS staff, please work with your team leaders to determine your priorities and assignments for the day. If you plan to participate in the rally, please work with your supervisor to secure the appropriate leave approval. Sick leave will not be approved for this purpose.


Teachers and SSPs who plan to participate in the walkout must take personal leave, unpaid leave or can contact a DCTA representative to ask if they can use a union business day. According to the master agreement, personal leave is reserved for hardship or emergency needs; however, this is a one-time exception to the master agreement in light of the extraordinary circumstances.


Here is some additional information about the day to support you in planning:

  • Athletics: District-scheduled high school athletic games will continue as scheduled. Middle school athletic games are cancelled.
  • The African-American Young Ladies’ Summit has been rescheduled for May 18. More information will be shared soon.
  • We are working across schools and school-support teams to keep the 34th Annual Shakespeare Festival scheduled as planned for this Friday. It is a day of great joy, and our students and educators have worked very hard to prepare for the festival. It is key that we have enough adult chaperones for the festival participants. Please discuss plans with your school leadership.

We know that this change may cause an inconvenience and burden to families. Please work with them to identify extended care and community partners who may be able to assist. If they have additional questions, please encourage them to contact the Family and Community Engagement team’s family hotline at 720-423-3054.


If you have questions, please contact your supervisor.