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Asbury Family Handbook 17-18

Parent/Student Portal

The Parent/Student Portal is your best resource to stay on top of the goings-on at Asbury. The Parent Portal’s uses include:

  • Quicker, more convenient yearly registration
  • School Choice Applications can be completed through Parent Portal and school assignments are expedited
  • You can view your student’s grades and assignments any time you wish
  • Attendance and Behavior concerns will be reflected in your Portal Account, allowing you to be in the know at all times
  • District and State Test scores will also be available on your Portal Account, with an interpretation guide.

If you do not log into the Parent/Student portal for one year, the account will deactivate. We at Asbury are not able to reactivate the account, and you will have to reach out to the Parent Portal team to have it reactivated.

Follow the simple steps below in order to activate your Parent Portal account if you have not already done so:

  • Visit Parent and Student Portal
  • Click on “Getting Started” at the top
  • Fill in your information, as well as your student’s information, EXACTLY as it’s entered into the school computer system
    • Typically, schools will use the parent name as it’s reflected on the student’s birth certificate. If you go by a different name, or you’re unsure, please check with the office staff.
    • Student ID numbers are required. This is the same number as your student’s lunch number, but if you need a reminder, you can call or email the front office.
  • Once you’ve registered, click the verification link sent to you in an email. After clicking that link, it should take about 30 minutes for your account to activate. If you’ve waited longer than that with no activation, contact the Parent Portal Team.

It’s important to make sure your account is active or create a new account before the end of the school year, to ensure that the front office staff will be able to assist you with anything you may need help with. Parent Portal can be used to expedite the Summer Registration Process, which will be open before the beginning of the school year. Check back for the exact dates. You can only register online if your Parent Portal Account is active!

Parent Portal Team Contact Info

(720) 423-3163

Medical Forms

Asthma Action Plan Albuterol Med-Order
Anaphylaxis Action Plan Epinephrine Med Order
General form – English 17-18
General form – Spanish 17-18

Student Pick-Up options

We have four options for students after school: Kiss-n-Go pickup, Blacktop pickup, Bus pickup and YMCA.

  • Kiss-n-Go occurs on Marion Street, on the west side of the building. Parents can drop off and pick up students in their cars using the Kiss-n-Go method.
  • Blacktop pickup occurs on the blacktop, in the courtyard/playground area on the south side of the building. Parents get out of their cars and walk to the blacktop to meet their student after school.
  • Buses can drop off and pick up students dependent upon the student’s home location.
  • Before and after school care is provided through the YMCA. Visit YMCA for further information.
  • Starting in the 2018-2019 school year, before and after school care will be provided by Discover Link. Registration for this opens Monday, May 7th at 8:00am and closes May 11th at 4:00pm. Go to for more information on how to register your child.