Support Staff


Sean Federico – Psychologist


Emily Marx – Speech


Susan Eberspacher – Gifted and Talented (GT)

Favorite Food?

I crave chips and spicy salsa!

Favorite Sound?

My favorite sound is my daughter’s laugh!

Favorite thing to do in your spare time?

I enjoy hiking, being in the mountains(cold or hot), gardening, cooking, reading and savoring coffee.

Best day(s) of your life?

When Mayor Hancock visited my classroom to meet my students and played a trivia game against my class! He enlisted one of my students to help and won!

Alma Mater?

Go CU Buffs!

Dream vacation?

I’d love to take trip to Australia and New Zealand.

Favorite sport to watch or play and why?

I love watching the Rockies or the Broncos.

Favorite board game?

I grew up playing Scrabble against my parents and will never turn down an opportunity to play. Although,, I like to bend the rules and use a dictionary.

Why teaching?

Teaching is the best profession because we get to witness the ‘aha’ moments as students understand new concepts and connect ideas.

Favorite comment from a student?

I had a student write an anonymous note to me that said: “Without you, I’d be lost at sea.” My favorite part of that was they spelled everything correctly!


Antionette Schmitz – Nurse


Nazina Curtis – Health Tech


Katy Goebel – NGSI


Patty Kreinbrink – OT


Allison Wilcox – OT


Stephen Marcus – MDC Colorado Counselor


Tracy Sachs – PT