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Grade Level/Content

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Pam Kirk Principal
Alicia FaJohn Assistant Principal
Char Page Nielsen Secretary
Terri Hinken Secretary
Kim Magoffin Kindergarten
Holly Jackson Kindergarten
Donna Shelley Kindergarten
Chelsi Vecchiarelli 1st Grade First Grade
Bridget Stephenson 1st Grade First Grade Room 101
Stephanie Vieau 2nd Grade 2nd Grade – Ms. Vieau
Nicole Kehn 2nd Grade
Hannah Robbertz 3rd Grade 3rd Grade Website
Emory Dinner 3rd Grade 3rd Grade Website
Rebecca Tanner 3rd Grade 3rd Grade Website
Cathy Moore 3rd Grade
Emily Jones 4th Grade
Karen Dunn-Bartlett 4th Grade
Marianne Berge 4th Grade
Stacy Hoffer 5th Grade Fifth Grade Website
Steve Altenburger 5th Grade Fifth Grade Website
Kathryn Sullivan MI Primary
Rebekah Barbour MI Intermediate
Bridgette Murillo Mild/Moderate
Stacey Anderson Mild/Moderate
Julie Chapman Intervention
Anne O’Reilly ESL
Laurie Cushing SPED
Amy Ravel Technology Asbury Learning Links
Jenny Werner Visual Art
Lori Netzly Physical Education
Sara Brunnschweiler Music Music “Notes”
Cherrelle Jackson Library Paraprofessional Asbury Library
Sean Federico Psychology
Merlinda Maldonado Personalized Learning Coach
Kathy Goebel NGSI
Susan Eberspacher Gifted and Talented (GT)  GT Website
Patty Kreinbrink OT
Allison Wilcox OT
Tracy Sachs PT
Emily Marx Speech/Language
Antionette Schmitz Nurse
Nazina Curtis Health Tech
Kari Anaya MI Paraprofessional
Amber Baca MI Paraprofessional
Corissa Becker MI Paraprofessional
Kari Padilla MI Paraprofessional
Marian Straight MI Paraprofessional
Eugenia Mendez ELA Paraprofessional
Julie Drost GE Paraprofessional
Carissa Land GE Paraprofessional
Eric Burgos GE Paraprofessional
Brittani Sullivan GE Paraprofessional
Lonnie Cruz Facility Manager
Krista Hernandez Custodian
Latifa Cowans Custodian
Cindy Taggart Lunchroom Manager
Beverly Williams Lunchroom Assistant
Stephen Marcus MDC Colorado Counselor
Jolene Funkhouser YMCA – Area Coordinator
Breanne Lee YMCA – Site Director