Special Education


IMG_7225Bridgette Murillo Mild Moderate Special Education

Favorite Food?

I love food, so I like to experiment and try new things all the time. I like spicy food and enjoy many genres like Mexican, Indian, and Italian. I could also eat fresh seafood any day of the week.

Favorite thing to do in your spare time?

During my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, playing sports, eating, watching soccer, and traveling.

Best day(s) of your life?

The best days of my life are when I am traveling around taking in each moment as it happens.

Favorite sport to watch or play and why?

My favorite sport to watch and play is soccer. I watch La Liga, which is the Spanish league and my favorite team is Barcelona. I grew up in a soccer family and I think sports teach lessons that are pivotal to growth.


IMG_7221Stacey Anderson – Mild Moderate Special Education



Kathryn Sullivan – MI Primary Special Education

Favorite Food?


Favorite Sound?


Biggest risk you’ve taken?

having four kids

Favorite thing to do in your spare time?

golf,garden read, cook, repeat


Golden Retriever Baci

Best day(s) of your life?

My wedding day, when each of my four kids were born, when my oldest two were married!

How many years teaching?

Alma Mater?

University of Northern Colorado



What’s on your ipod?

Words with Friends

Dream vacation?

Virgin Island boat trip

Favorite thing about living in Colorado?

Weather, family, mountains

Favorite sport to watch or play and why?

golf to watch- best nap time
golf to play- I can talk with friends while playing

Favorite board game?

The Train Game

Best part of teaching?

When I experience the connections my kids make.

Favorite book or author?

The Power of One

Why teaching?

The kids!

Why Asbury?

The community

Favorite memory teaching?

Field trip to Larimer Square at Christmas time.

Years teaching at Asbury?


Hidden talent?

making picture frames

Favorite flavor of ice cream?



Rebekah Barbour – MI Intermediate Special Education



Laurie Cushing – MI Intermediate Special Education