Office Staff


IMG_7208Pam Kirk РPrincipal

Favorite Food?

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate. Basically anything with chocolate in it is great!

Favorite Sound?

I love hearing kids playing on the playground. It is such a happy sound because you know they are enjoying life and their friends.

Favorite thing to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I love to read!!!! I read a lot of fiction and love to read mysteries.


I have 2 dogs. Jazz a Scottish Terrier and Ellie who is a mixed breed with a lot of a herding dog in her. She loves to try and herd Jazz and to get her to do things she wants her to do.

How many years teaching?

I have been in DPS for 12 years. I also taught preschool for three years and taught in Illinois for 3 years.

Alma Mater?

I went to Colorado College in Colorado Springs and majored in Art History.


I grew up in Denver. My family has lived in Colorado since 1887.

Dream vacation?

My favorite vacation is when I can sit on the beach reading books and my children are either reading with me or in the ocean.

Best part of teaching?

My favorite part of teaching is watching a student suddenly understand something they have been struggling to learn. There is such joy on a student’s face when they finally understand that concept that has been a problem.

Why Asbury?

I love Asbury because everyone wants to be here. The staff, community and students all work together. This school is a great community for everyone to be involved in.


IMG_7206Alicia FaJohn РAssistant Principal 


IMG_7207Terri Hinken РSecretary
I have worked for Denver Public Schools at Asbury Elementary for 14 years.


IMG_7215Char Page Nielsen – Secretary