HAC Meetings

Interested in promoting a healthy school environment?  Please join the Healthy Asbury Committee (HAC)!  The HAC meets the 1st Tuesday of the month from 6:00-7:30 pm in the Asbury auditorium.  Some of our activities include: 

    • Identifying, applying for and implementing health and wellness-based grants that will benefit the Asbury community. 
    • Organizing walking school buses on Fridays. 
    • Promoting an organic produce delivery co-op (a percentage of the proceeds is donated back to Asbury).   
    • Supporting the Asbury garden, garden to cafeteria program and farmers’ markets. 
    • Supporting Asbury’s recycling and composting initiatives. 
    • Organizing an annual Asbury Fun Run at the South High School track in May. 


For questions, please contact Meredith Fort at Meredith.Fort@gmail.com or Melissa McClung at carlyandgrace@msn.com


Mission Statement

To advance the health and wellness of Asbury Elementary School students through parents collaborating with the school administration and staff to promote a healthy school environment.


In the News
Click on the following link to read about Cooking Matters: Cooking Healthy Cuisine on a Budget featuring Asbury:

Cooking Healthy Cuisine on a Budget

Interested in eating more fruits and vegetables, having groceries delivered to your doorstep and supporting Asbury all at the same time?  Please consider joining Asbury’s Mile High Organics Fundraiser Program!  Mile High Organics will donate 5% back to Asbury.  For more information, please see the flyer or contact Melissa McClung at carlyandgrace@msn.com