About CSC

The Asbury Collaborative School Committee (CSC) is a group of school administrators, parents and teachers who work together to help ensure the school provides an effective learning environment according to various objectives set forth by the Denver Public School District.

The Asbury CSC for the 2015 – 2016 School Year is comprised of the Principal, Teacher Representatives, a Classified Representative, and Parent Representatives.

This year’s Asbury CSC Members are. . .


Pam Kirk
Teachers/Staff Representatives:
Stephanie Vieau
Corissa Becker
Marianne Berge
Stacy Hoffer
Amy Ravel
Kari Padilla
Parent Representatives:
Holly Porterfield – President
Wendy Cowperthwaite
Jeanne Johns
Sarah Moore
The Asbury CSC meets the first Tuesday of each month AT 3:30pm,
with occasional special meetings as urgent issues arise.

All of the CSC meetings are OPEN to the parents, faculty and staff of the school.

What is CSC?

There is a district issued calendar of issues the committee is required to administer. Topics include such things as ensuring the parent-teacher compact is developed and distributed, reviewing and approving the school’s safety program and reviewing the strategy for ensuring educational objectives are established and progress toward those are monitored and reviewed. While CSC is not responsible for the development of the educational curriculum or for personnel issues such as teacher hiring or assignment, the committee does assess the school’s overall curriculum and does review and approve the school’s budget.

Asbury’s CSC takes a very engaged approach and discusses or is involved in many aspects of the school’s environment. In addition to the issues mentioned above, the CSC at Asbury addresses school recruitment, parent-teacher conference planning, school communications including the newsletter and various events. While DPS sets the school’s schedule, the committee does work with the school administration to decide how classes will be allocated amongst the grades.

CSC is a great opportunity for parents, teachers and others in the community to be involved in the decisions affecting many aspects of Asbury. We have long identified our collective involvement in the school as a key component of its success. Your participation is what makes our school great. Attend a meeting if you can. Better yet, submit your nomination for a position on the committee at the beginning of any school year.

Should you have any questions or comments regarding the Asbury CSC, please contact Pam Kirk, Asbury principal, or any of the other representatives on the committee.