5th Grade


IMG_5823Stacy Hoffer – 5th Grade

Favorite Food?

Mexican, Italian, Vietnamese, Sushi, Seafood, Steak, burgers and salads.

Favorite Sound?

Children’s laughter or song, the sound of rain pitter-pattering on the window, and the birds chattering on the spring.

Biggest risk you’ve taken?

White water rafting in Indonesia was pretty frightening, but may hang gliding in Germany or bungee jumping in Colorado were even riskier!

Favorite thing to do in your spare time?

Hike, Golf and Ski! Paint and read come in as a close second.


2 Malamutes ages 10 and 11 and 2 crazy barn cats.

Best day(s) of your life?

Marrying my husband, Andy:)

How many years teaching?

Going on 25 years in Denver Public Schools! Now that’s invested!! I also taught at a private school for several years before getting my job with Denver Public.

Dream vacation?

Around the world on a private cruise ship.

Favorite thing about living in Colorado?

The weather- it’s perfect for skiing, hiking and golfing!

Favorite board game?

Scrabble, hands down.

Best part of teaching?

A new group of children each year to discover their strengths and areas to grow.

Why Asbury?

Asbury is the best because we have great parents who support their children and our school. We all work well together for the best education!

Years teaching at Asbury?

I have been teaching at Asbury since the 2005-2006 school year.



IMG_7231Steve Altenburger – 5th Grade